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Clothing brands’ push for gender inclusive clothing ripped as ‘marketing ploy,’ ‘confusing to children’

“Fashion labels marketing “genderless,” “gender neutral” or “gender inclusive” clothing is championed by proponents as a groundbreaking movement that challenges the traditional gender stereotypes, but critics of the trendy category argue the industry is marketing off a social contagion, and could be doing irreparable harm, specifically to minors.”

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Fair And Sufficient – Keywords For Climate-Friendly Fashion Consumption

“The report “Unfit, Unfair, Unfashionable: Resizing Fashion for a Fair Consumption Space” focuses on the G20 countries, finding that Australia has the highest fashion consumption footprint (503 kg of CO2 equivalent per year), with Australians throwing away almost as much clothing as they buy each year. In contrast, India has the lowest in the G20 (22 kg). In Indonesia, 74% don’t have as much clothing as they need.”

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Capitalism Will Save The Planet: The Business Case For Sustainability

“While the mining and metals industry might not seem like a bastion of sustainability, a closer look at the facts belies this popular misconception.”

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From Vintage To Recycled Sequins, Stars Sent A Sustainable Message At The Fashion Awards

“We’ve seen a more conscious approach to red-carpet dressing over the past 12 months, from vintage to repeat looks and even rental fashion, as shown by the Princess of Wales in Boston on Friday. ”

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Fashion brands can't keep up with the latest trends because of supply-chain chaos — and it's one more reason everything's on sale

“Before the pandemic, many retailers were consciously working on decreasing their ‘lead times’ — the time from when a design starts to when it hits the store. Brands like Nike, Kohl's, and Ralph Lauren were laser-focused on shaving days and even weeks out of their lead times to be more responsive to consumer preferences. In 2017, Nike was trying to get 60-day lead times down to 10 days.”

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