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Can Plant-Dyed Clothes Help Fashion Become A More Sustainable Industry?

“There’s an Earth-friendly renaissance happening in fashion right now. As brands seek out ways to become more sustainable — beyond the use of creating items with recycled plastic water bottles, for example — one path forward to an eco-friendly future is to embrace plant-dyed clothing.”

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This vintage label is reviving the crafts and weaves of India with a style-forward appeal

“This is a story about a global interwoven sisterhood that tirelessly supports small, home-grown, culturally vibrant, hand-crafted enterprises led by women, who collectively call upon the divine feminine to co-create and coexist in harmony with Pacha Mama. 

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Rise in sales of second-hand party outfits

“According to an Oxfam survey, more than a third of shoppers have slashed their Christmas budgets this year, with 66% saying this was down to the cost of living crisis. Inflation - the rate at which prices rise - is at a 40-year high and wages are not keeping up.”

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California’s statewide ban on animal fur products officially takes effect

“On January 1, California’s ban on the sale and manufacturing of new animal fur products takes effect across the state. Assembly Bill 44, which passed in 2019, makes California the first state in the country to take this monumental step to end the fur trade within its borders.”

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Stella McCartney on Building a More Sustainable Fashion Industry in 2023

“Stella McCartney has long been at the forefront of fashion’s sustainability movement. But despite a flurry of climate commitments from brands in recent years, change has remained slow across the industry at large. In fact, figures provided by the United Nations Fashion Charter suggest just 15 percent of its signatories—those most committed to environmental action—are on track to achieve the 1.5 degrees celsius pathway set out by the Paris Agreement.

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