Words from the Wise: Selfish Sisters

Sisters give the best advice. Whether it’s a break up or a problem at work, most issues can be solved with a sister’s tough love. No sugar coating or pussy-footing. Just honest, genuine, (and sometimes harsh) advice, that we all need from time to time. 

But not all of us have a sister. Or a best friend. Or a caring mom. Even those of us who do, have moments where we feel alone, or in desperate need of a fresh perspective. 

Meet The Selfish Sisters, a duo set out to provide women with truly helpful and empowering affirmation cards that go beyond the traditionally cheesy offerings. 

Co-Founders Katlyn and Lisa met while working at an advertising agency. The duo bonded over their need to lean on one another during trying times. “We always helped each other through personal issues, and at some point we started to wonder what people did if they didn’t have a best friend or sister to give them the honest advice they needed” Katlyn said of their a-ha moment. 

Lisa, a copy writer and Katlyn, an art director began brainstorming how they could best utilize their advertising skills to create a self empowerment tool that women like them could actually benefit from. “Everyone knows about affirmation cards, but so often they’re cheesy and the tone is soft. They’re not helpful for when you desperately need to get your sh*t together,” Lisa explained. The two set out to create a deck with personality that was a legitimate tool for self love, and not a marketing ploy for false empowerment. 

In a world that is often unkind to women, The Selfish Sisters are hoping to create a sisterhood of women supporting women. “We spend so much time comparing ourselves and losing any bit of confidence and self love that we have,” Lisa explained, “Our hope is to create a tool that reminds us each and every day that we’re all beautiful, unique and capable.” 

What you do with that ass and titties is your business.

The two launched their first deck, Hoefirrmations this past June. The deck features empowering - and honest - “affirmations to remind you who the f*ck you are”. For example, What you do with that ass and titties is your business. Wear a turtleneck or a piece of floss, that’s your prerogative. Sassy and sweet, the cards will give you the genuine tough love that you need to get over your latest hurdle.

The Sisterhood is more than a deck of spicy quotes in beautiful packaging. At its core, the brand is on a mission to redefine what it means to be selfish. “We want women to feel empowered to proudly, and uninhibitedly, put themselves first,” Lisa explained of the brand’s mission. “We want to support every woman’s journey to self-realization. To support them as they rediscover self-love, and to offer them advice as they evolve into the best versions of themselves. It’s sexy to heal, and we’re here to show them how”. 

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