The Butterfly Club

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The Butterfly Club is a slow fashion marketplace featuring emerging brands who make the cutest products with you and the planet in mind.


Slow Fashion Metrics


By taking what already exists, and transforming it into something new, we’re not only reducing waste but we’re creating scarcity. Upcycled garments are often one of one, which means they are more unique and special. It’s a win for the customer and a win for the planet. When we upcycle a garment, we are also adding to its lifespan, which means we are keeping it out of a landfill for longer (and until all of our clothing is closed-loop or regenerative, this is the best we can do!). 


Slow and steady wins the race! When items are made by hand, they take longer to make - which means we can’t make many of them. That in itself is sustainable. It’s best for the planet that there’s less material garbage suffocating it. Handmade items are also inherently more special, leading customers to hold on to them a bit longer than a fast fashion item they’re likely to toss after a wear or two. 

Small Batch

The opposite of mass-production is small batch. These items are still produced in a factory, but are intentionally produced in limited batches to ensure higher quality, fairer wages for garment workers, and less wasted inventory. Not only does this mean there’s far less inventory being produced, it means that what is being produced was thoughtfully made. 


Why make more when enough already exists? It's not just as simple as buying second-hand, pre-worn items. It's about valuing the full lifecycle of a garment and treating it like a piece of treasure, as opposed to something you'll wear once and throw out immediately. Vintage teaches us to love and take care of our clothing the way we should.

Minority Owned

Most fast fashion companies are run by white men whose annual salaries are in the millions. Yet, much of the clothing is made by black and brown women who live on less than $3 a day. While fast fashion exploits women, the slow fashion movement is led by women. Supporting small, minority owned brands is one of the most sustainable choices you can make for your closet and for the planet.

All Natural

When it comes to skincare and beauty products, ensuring that all of the ingredients are natural is key. Large beauty brands are notorious for polluting the planet through their production cycles, as well as the end of lifespan of their products. Meaning, the chemicals they use to make their products are discarded into our water before a human even uses it. There’s nothing sustainable about putting chemicals on our skin, in our bodies, or in our waters.