Summer Market

JULY 12, 13 + 14

The Butterfly Club is excited to invite you to participate in our 3-day summer market, featuring emerging brands from around the world whose products are handmade, upcycled or ethically produced in small batches. If this sounds like you, continue reading!

How it Works

The event will be hosted in our Brooklyn showroom, located in East Williamsburg. You'll send items our way, and we'll handle the rest from there! We'll merchandise, sell and restock on your behalf, so regardless of where you're based you're welcome to join us! Your brand will have your own clothing rack or shelf, with a QR code to a brand page on our website, for visitors to learn more about you & your items.


The cost to participate is $125 for the 3-day event, plus 35% of sales. This includes a collection of our favorites from your brand added to our online store, promotion across our social channels, and the option to leave any unsold goods in-store for the remainder of the month!

Next Steps

We're accepting brands on a rolling basis. Email us at to confirm your space and feel free to send any questions our way. We can't wait for you to join us!


How many items can I sell?

You're welcome to sell as many items as you'd like! We'll merchandise your clothing rack or shelf with what we think looks best, and will restock as items sell. We're happy to help you curate the perfect collection if you'd like our input!

Who pays for shipping?

You're responsible for shipping products our way and to have any unsold items returned to you. If you're local, you're welcome to schedule a product drop-off and pick-up!

Who is expected to attend?

In addition to our existing Butterfly Club community of sustainable shoppers, content creators, and visitors in the area, we welcome you to invite your community to join us. The event will be free and open to the public!

Can I continue to sell my products with you?

Any items that are left unsold after the event will be available for sale throughout the end of the month. If you'd like to continue working with us throughout the summer, we're happy to welcome you to the club on a more permanent basis.

How will the event be promoted?

We'll be spreading the word via social media, and with the help of our slow fashion partners and friends we're hoping for a good turn out!

Not a fit for this event but still want to sell with us? Email us for more info on hosting your own pop-up, joining our showroom on a more permanent basis and more!