The Butterfly Club

199 Cook Street, Brooklyn

A multi-brand marketplace featuring emerging brands from around the world who design with the planet in mind.

We represent brands whose products are upcycled, handmade or ethically produced in small batches.

How it Works

You send or drop off the items you'd like to sell, and we merchandise, sell and restock on your behalf. You and your brand will have your own clothing rack and/or table, and you have full control over what you sell. At the end of the month, we'll schedule a pick up/shipping for any unsold goods and will send you your sales!


We offer a sliding scale of a participation fee + a commission of each sale. We cover all processing and transaction fees. Check out the options below:

Please note: If you're interested in joining us for the entirety of the winter season and being featured on our online marketplace, click here.

  • Option A

    $250 + 30% commission

  • Option B

    $400 + 20%

  • Option C

    $550 + 10%

Next Steps

1. Select an option above

2. Send us a confirmation email

3. Complete our vendor agreement form

4. Schedule a product drop off/delivery

5. We'll handle it from there!