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Welcome to The Butterfly Club

The Butterfly Club is home to emerging brands who share our passion for slower & sustainable fashion.

We work with brands from around the world whose products are upcycled, handmade, and/or produced in small batches.

Our products include everything from clothing, jewelry and accessories, to gifts, intimates and home goods.

We're so excited you're interested in joining us. Continue reading to learn more about our services. Can't wait to work with you!

Joining the Club


E-Commerce Marketplace

Our online store features dozens of emerging slow fashion brands from around the world. Sell your products alongside similar brands who share your vibe, aesthetic and target customer. We add your items to our online store, promote across our social channels and let you know when an item is sold. We charge a 35% commission once an item is sold, and pay you the remaining 65%. You can chose to dropship directly to customers, or send us inventory and we'll manage your inventory for a $75 stocking fee.

IRL Shopping

We host in-person shopping events across New York City showcasing curated collections from our favorite brands. You send us your products and we sell them on your behalf - so brands from all over the world can join us! Costs to participate vary.

Our next IRL event is schedule for late December and is holiday themed!

Content Creation

In addition to re-sharing your existing content, we're here to help create new co-branded content. Our team of NYC-based photographers and models are available for hire if you're interested in having us curate a content campaign for items you sell with us. Costs vary depending on the shoot, we're happy to brainstorm!

Brand Awareness

Grow your audience and meet new customers by promoting your products across our social media platforms. Our customers love our brands and look forward to learning more about you and your products.

NYC Representation

New York is the center of fashion, art, sustainability and everything in between - and we're smack in the middle of it all. Grow your brand in NYC, from the comfort of your own home, and let us handle all the logistics.

Brand Strategy

Need help putting together your first linesheet? Want advice on how to more sustainably design your garments? With 10+ years of experience, we're happy to help strategize how to best scale your brand - with sustainability in mind.

Small Biz Community

Looking for a credible garment factory to produce your next line? A slow fashion mico-influencer to show off your latest designs? More magazines to write about your brand? Our brands lean on each other for small biz resources, tips & tricks, and tons of venting sessions.

Next Steps

To get started, we'll schedule a quick 30 min onboarding call to learn more about your brand, answer any questions you may have and discuss which of your products are the best fit for our customer. Next, we'll add your items to our online store, promote across our social channels and take it from there! We're so excited to welcome you and your brand to the club and can't wait to work with you.