The Butterfly Club is home to emerging brands who share a passion for slower & sustainable fashion.

The Butterfly Club features a variety of products from clothing, jewelry and accessories, to gifts, intimates and home goods. All of our products are upcycled, handmade, and/or made in small batches. We offer conscious consumers a trusted, curated marketplace for discovering emerging brands who create with the planet in mind.


Joining the Club


Curated Community

We curate with the conscious gen-z and millennial shopper in mind. Unlike the traditional sustainable marketplaces, which can be beige and boring, our products are colorful and unique. Our community, of brands and customers alike, won't compromise their style for their sustainability values (or vice versa) and we select brands with that in mind.

E-Commerce Marketplace

Fast fashion rules e-commerce and it can be tricky for small brands to compete. We’ve created a one-stop-shop for emerging slow fashion brands that customers can know and trust. Think of us as a curated Etsy + an ethical Urban Outfitters. Dozens of brands to choose from, vetted & verified by us.

Content Creation

Content is everything for a small or emerging brand. And while we’ll happily share any content you send our way, we’re big on creating content ourselves. We work our booties off on social to sell your products - and unlike your traditional store or marketplace, we don’t hide the story behind our brands. We tag you in every post, we interview you for our blog, and we share your story in our monthly newsletter sent to all of our customers.

Brand Aweareness

It can be hard for a small brand to meet new customers and build trust. Sure, your next TikTok could go viral. And yeah, you could spend all day trying to sell something at your local fair. But wouldn’t it be awesome if there was someone to help get your brand's story out there to new customers? We can’t do all the hustling for you, but we sure can help.

Engaging Events

From brand focused events, where the goal is to bring our brands together to share resources and learn from each other, to customer facing events where we'll showcase your products IRL, we're always looking for ways to celebrate the club.

IRL Shopping

Traditional retail is dead. The old school brick & mortar model just doesn't work anymore - especially for small brands who don’t have the capital to participate in trade shows, or the capacity to fulfill large wholesale orders. So we decided to reinvent it. Our flexible retail model was designed to minimize risk and optimize sales, without compromising needs on either side.

Our next IRL shopping date is Spring 2023.



List up to 5 product styles on our online marketplace and dropship directly to customers. All products will be promoted across our social channels and featured on our online store.


Send us up to 7 product styles and we're responsible for managing inventory / sending out orders + we create user generated content to promote across our social channels.

OPTION C - $100 FEE + 35% Commission

Blend both options A + B together, and sell a variety of products with us online, some of which are dropshipped directly to customers, others that are managed by us.