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Hand-Danna Board Game

Hand-Danna Board Game

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Bandanas you can wear - or play. Wear it in your hair, around your neck, or lay it flat and take out the game pieces. 

It’s the handiest bandana you’ll ever hold in your hands! Our Hand-Danna has all the hands on games, Cat’s Cradle, shadow puppets, and a palmistry chart. Plus it’s a handy dandy bandana which is super useful and looks great on.

The Hand-Danna is 21”x21” digitally printed on cotton. It comes in a travel bag with an instruction card, accompanying palmistry and Cat’s Cradle instruction booklet, and a length of cotton rope.

Go on, get handsy!

We work with small print houses through our partners in India at Work+Shelter. Slight variations in each print batch may vary.

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