By Women, For Everyone

Women make 80% of buying decisions, across all industries, and yet, men end up with all of the money. With only 13% of major retailers being owned by women, it's no shock that men continue to profit off of female spending. And while that's not necessarily surprising, it's particularly upsetting when we consider the following: 

1) First and foremost - men are making money off of women, by exploiting women. With 80% of the garment workforce being women, many of which are underpaid and over worked, the fashion industry is taking advantage of women left and right, and then ask women to pay for it. 

2) Next up - men are deciding what gets made and ultimately, what ends up in our closet. Imagine a fashion industry predominantly designed by and for women. Our guess is it would be more inclusive, more comfortable, and more empowering. 

3) And lastly - where does that leave the planet? With more men making money, less women calling the shots, and more sh*t being made that we don't need, that leads to more waste, more unused goods, and ultimately - more trash. 

Something isn't adding up. There's nothing right about having consumer goods designed for women, being made by men, at the helm of women's safety, health and overall wellbeing - all while destroying the planet. So what do we do?

We support women. We shop women-owned businesses. We support garment workers. And we think twice about who is really profiting off of our consumer purchases. 

By recognizing our consumer power, and ultimately our driving force behind the economy, we as women can feel empowered to do better.

We can boycott major retailers that go against our values, and pivot our daily spending to smaller businesses that better align with our vision for a more equitable future. We can slow down our overall consumption and learn more about the brands we thought we could trust - and hold them accountable. We can replace old fast-fashion shopping patterns, with new and exciting slow-fashion routines focused on uplifting emerging female designers. 

By supporting small, women-owned brands we can pivot dollars away from male-owned corporations, directly into the pockets of hard-working female entrepreneurs. And when we create room for women to shine, really beautiful things happen. All while making our closets cuter and our planet happier. 


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