NYFW: sustainable or silly?

Now that New York Fashion Week is behind us, it's time we ask — how sustainable is NYFW?

Ironically, New York is the one city who is a bit behind when it comes to celebrating sustainability on the runway. While Copenhagen’s Fashion Week requires participating brands to fulfill certain sustainability metrics, NYFW doesn’t seem to care. While there were a handful of shows highlighting emerging slow fashion designers, the week as a whole seemed to miss the mark. It was oversaturated with luxury brands and household names that we've seen time and time again. 

This is only problematic because there's something inherently unsustainable about luxury goods. Oftentimes, these items are just as mass-produced as fast fashion items, and aren't necessarily made with better or safer materials. All at an unattainable price tag for most. 

What's particularly fascinating about NYFW and its relationship with luxury fashion, is that it seems particularly out of date. With so many emerging brands leading the way, NYFW is missing the opportunity to be a true launch pad for the next generation of designers. Instead, they are continuing their longstanding relationships with brands whose names we're personally tired of seeing. 

Similarly, the week is designed to be exclusive. Party after party with guest lists and paid promos, the lack of community-driven initiatives is disappointing to say the least. And while we're hopeful for the future of Slow Fashion Week, we hope NYFW catches up soon and begins to offer more opportunities for true community to grow and flourish. 

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