Is sustainable fashion an oxymoron?

Is there such thing as eco-friendly shopping? Or is it all a hoax? 

While we all need to wear clothing, we don't need to wear something different every day. We don't need to own dozens (if not, hundreds) of outfits. We don't need to buy new things for special occasions. We don't need to accessorize or add "flair" to our outfits. Theoretically, we could all wear and wash one outfit every single day (with a few additional pieces for changes in season). We could all share a "human uniform" of sorts (picture early 2010's Yeezy trends), where we all look the same and where fashion doesn't matter. But that's not a future we're excited about. 

Instead, we'd prefer a future where fashion is seen as an art form. Where every piece, from head to toe, is carefully considered and curated. Where every item is saved and cherished for years to come. Where no two people look or dress the same, and where every item is a reflection of one's personal style. We'd prefer a future where fashion is celebrated, as opposed to manipulated. 

Right now, we're living through a time where capitalism and globalization have completely manipulated the fashion industry. They've put their heads together and realized that, thanks to a more interconnected world, the rise of fast fashion could take over. And as fast fashion grew, as did our need for more options and more outfits. We only decided we needed more because it was available to us at a price point we could afford. Which means, we have the power to decide we need less. 

We, as consumers, can make a conscious effort to shop slower & smarter. We can rewear outfits, mixing and matching old pieces to make them feel new. We can support small businesses, whose pieces are special and one of a kind. We can have fun with fashion, and see it as a chance to reconnect with one another, instead of allowing it to create a hierarchy where we all evaluate how sustainable someone is (and therefore how much they care about the planet) based on how they dress. 

Fashion, like anything, can be used for good or evil. It can bring people together or push them further apart. It can be a tool for expression, or a way to hide. Our hope is that more and more people will begin to see fashion as both a creative outlet and an environmental responsibility. While it can be challenging to balance the two, it's not impossible. 

You can shop and style yourself with the planet in mind, and if you don't know where to start, we're here to help. 

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