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Four Rabbit

Fox and Rabbits Bandana Board Game

Fox and Rabbits Bandana Board Game

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Bandanas you can wear - or play. Wear it in your hair, around your neck, or lay it flat and take out the game pieces. 

Look good getting lost in this whimsical bandana that is also a board game. Based off of the historical game, Fox and Geese, we have renamed this bandana to include lucky rabbits of course.

It is a two player strategy game, one player must get their rabbits across the board before the fox captures them all. You can also play checkers on the 8x8 board with a traditional checker set or pennies and nickels (not included).

Bandana is 21”x21” digitally printed cotton and comes with instructions, hand dyed wooden playing tokens, all tucked away in a travel bag.

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